Hi, my name is Wynter Nash;

Welcome to Pixel Penny Website Design, we are glad you are here!

Are you looking for someone to design a website or logo for you? Do you need a Twitter background designed for your business? We offer premium and basic design services, something for every budget.

We offer a FREE LOGO with every website design contract.


We are located in Panama City, Florida.

I designed our biker leather shop at Ghost Rider Biker Leather in Panama City, Florida.

I have been designing websites since 2003 when I started out designing my own sites. It turned out to be something I was pretty good at and truly enjoyed doing. I am blessed to be able to earn a living doing something I love.

Pleasing my customers is extremely important to me. I do my best to build you a beautiful website, I want you to feel confident in recommending me to your friends and colleagues.

I have a lot of customer service experience. Before I started my own business, I worked for Sprint Long Distance as a telephone operator, I worked as a manager in a deli and convenience store. I also worked for the student loan organization, Sallie Mae.

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Hi, my name is Wynter Nash;

We design the internet to be a prettier place to live. We believe that a more attractive website will make your site visitors stay longer and be more interested in what you are selling or what you are offering on your site.

To make the internet a more pleasant place to be, we offer website design, logo design, graphics design, etc.

Graphics design can be anything from just a header for the top of your website, to a Twitter background, to a MySpace background, or a FaceBook Profile image, the choice is up to you! The sky's the limit when it comes to designing for the internet.


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Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I need to be located in Panama City, Florida to use your services?
No way! You can contact us via phone or email. We can work on your website design, no matter where in the world you are located, as long as you can speak English as that is the only language I know.
How much do you charge for your website designing service?
It varies, depending on how many pages you require, whether or not we need to do graphic design, etc. etc. We do offer a fair price for a great website design.
What are your working hours?

You may contact us 24-7 via email and phone. We will reply the next business day.

Why should I choose you to design my site?

Because I believe in going over and beyond expectations. My customers are my top priority, without them, I'd not have a business.

What else do I need to know?
We will email you a website design questionaire after you contact us so that we know exactly what kind of website you need. That will help us to determine the best and fairest price we can offer you.
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From Phil Forbus of ECPartyRentals.com
Wynter did an awesome job with our website. We had hired two other website design firms prior to hiring Wynter. The first website design company charged way too much and simply did not deliver. The second team we hired used a Homestead Template for our site, there was NO design skill there. Wynter was easy to work with, gave us the design we wanted and did so at a very fair price.
From Candy Brannan of CandysGems.com
I wanted a website that was pretty and helped me to sell my jewelry and footwear on and off of eBay. Pixel Penny did an awesome site for me. Thank you!
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