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Let Pixel Penny Decorate you Social Media and Internet spaces. We offer social media posts, cover pictures, profile pictures,hero images and logo design.

Success is stumbling

from failure

to failure with

no loss of enthusiasm.

Pixel Penny Social Media Design Logo

What could you accomplish for your business and your personal life with more time? Time that comes from not having to spend it posting to social media platforms. Time you could accomplish so much more. Let us post and design your social media posts for you.

Logo Design

We can design your logo for you. We offer numerous different styles of logos, let us know what you need and we will get it done!

Post Design

Let us design your social media posts for you. We can provide a cohesive design which helps greatly with brand recognition.

post schedule

Whether it's your design or ours, we can post your social media for you on a set schedule so you don't have to worry about it.

Social Media Platforms

We can design for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter X, Linked-in, and other social media platforms as well.

Heros and Carousels

We can design awesome Hero or Carousel images for your website as well. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we will get it done!

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Success means different things to different people. To some success is a happy home and family. To others success is about making lots of money. To still others, it means being happy with what you do for a living. What if you could have all the above?


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